On This Day: Peter Pan

February 5, 1953 came the story of a boy who never grows up. The film was extremely successful  but Walt Disney himself was dissatisfied with the finished product. He felt that the character of Peter Pan was cold and un-liked.


In the original play, he looses his right hand but the Disney artists felt that would limit his actions too much and switched the hook to the left hand. Kathryn Beaumont who provided the voice for Wendy, also performed the live action reference. In an interview she said she had to hold her arms out and pretend to fly for all the scenes requiring it.

Walt Disney had been trying to buy the film rights to J.M Barries play since 1935, having been smitten by a traveling production of the play when he was a child. Disney secured the rights in 1939, making this the 14th animated Disney film.

Happy birthday Peter!



2017 Recap!

This year was full of adventure!

From Finding Neverland- Aladdin at the SHN Theater both amazing and magical shows. My little one breaking her paw because she loves food way too much and my little man going under to get some teeth pulled.

My grandma moved out on her own, and for the first Christmas we made cookies together and had fun decorating her house for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard not having her there when I get home BUT I’m glad I’m still able to see her.

From an almost undefeated season in volleyball, to meeting someone at a hockey game and learning that Canadians say pencil crayons and not colored pencils.

Taking my dad to the Winchester Mystery House and re watching all the episodes for the billionth time.

My mom got her gallbladder removed, my dad getting his hand stuck in the AC and having to have surgery to me getting my wisdom teeth out right before the CRAZIEST trip in my Disney history.

Starting 2018 off right by running (once again) The Dopey Challenge but this time with my mom and taking on Jeff Galloway’s 2018 challenge! This year is starting off with 48.6 miles and ending in 2018 miles.

Happy New Year, the pups and I hope this new year starts off amazing and just keeps getting magical as the year goes on!


25 Days of Christmas 2017: Day 25

Merry Christmas!! I hope you have an amazing and magical day!


25 Days of Christmas 2017: day 23

I can’t believe only two more days until old Saint Nick is here!!!


25 Days of Christmas 2017: Day 22

Three more days until Christmas. The present are wrapped and under the tree and my love bugs are totally ready to open them up!

Ill be updating later today…i’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out.


25 Days of Christmas 2017: Day 16


25 Days of Christmas 2017: Day 11

Holiday Traditions!

One of my favorite Holiday traditions has to be with my family and our pups. One thing we do every year is go to this neighborhood that go all out for Christmas. Every house is decorated with lights, trees, blow up decorations, themes, its breathe taking. First things first is we get in our Holiday sweaters (the pups have their holiday sweaters too) and meet up at Starbucks and we get our traditional Hot Chocolate while the pups have their pupachino (a cup of whipped cream). We do this because in San Francisco it can get really cold and the hot chocolates keep our hands warm while we walk around the neighborhood that is literally lit up in Christmas lights.

We literally stay out for hours, in awe and taking pictures of these houses that these people worked so hard on. Its magical and I reallly hope this tradition stays in our family for years and years.


Opening A New Park!

Disney expanded its international reach with Tokyo Disneyland nearly 35 years ago, then in 2001 opening Tokyo DisneySea as a second theme park in Japan. There are reports that Disney and the Oriental Land are partners are investing $2.7 million in all new Japanese theme park that will shift focus on new characters and attractions.

The nee park plans sound similar to the ones used to create Disney California Adventure. So I’m excited to see if they will be using the old DCA plans or the upcoming plans. Also, all of the Japan Disney parks are owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company, but Disney has full creative control.

Plans for the upcoming park are set to be revealed May 2018, while construction plans are suggested to start in 2025. Although the new park is still years away are you excited to see the new park come to life? I know I’m excited to see what rides and shows they’ll have. Even though it’s years away, it should be exciting and interesting!


DIY: Leaf Mason Jar

Will be updated tomorrow! Sorry, finals tonight!


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