The Classics Return!

For 25 years guests have been taking a journey inside Mickey’s imagination…and in celebration for Disneyland’s 62 anniversary, on July 17 Fantasmic! will bring some new adventures back into the park. With the original fanfare and music from the original Fantasmic! will get bigger and brighter along with new scenes inspired by Disney animated classic like…Aladiin and The Lion King…Some imagination huh?


Inspired by four of Americas majestic rivers: Mississippi, the Columbia, the Missouri and the Rio Grande…the classic Rivers America will re open starting with Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island Friday June 16, followed by the Mark Twain River Boat, Sailing Shio Columbia and of course Davy Crockett’s canoes on July 29 which will also debut its new water front.


One of Walt’s favorites which has been an icon for more than 60 years will once again take guests on a grand circle tour of Walt Disney;s Original Magic Kingdom, The Disneyland Railroad returns July 19 traveling along The Rivers of America and of course the Grand Canyon and Primeval world which has been restored with a bit of extra pixie dust!


What are you most looking forward too? Let me know in the comments below!


Disney Did You Know?!: Disneyland

Welcome back to another Disney Did You Know where i list some fun facts! So for today’s Disney Did You Know its all about Disneyland, so lets get started!


  1. Michelle Pfeiffer worked at Disneyland as Alice in the Main Street Electrical Parade in the 1970’s.
  2. Snow Whites Scary Adventures features the voice of Adriana Castelotti the original snow white.
  3. On Indiana Jones Adventure, each ride vehicle is a motion simulator capable of a variety of movements. There are almost 160,000 possible combinations-Virtually guaranteeing that every adventure is unique.


What is your favorite Disney Did You Know? It can be one that i listed above or one that you knew already! Let me know in the comments below!



Changes Are Coming…

Adventureland is known for getting pretty crowded, BUT its been said that changes are coming to make more room in that area.0609_fea_ocr-l-dlbengal-01Rumor has it that Indiana Jones Outpost and South Seas Traders will be closing along with majority of their merchandise. Although I’ve heard that select merchandise from these stores may make it over to Adventureland Bazaar.2906470560_c5c6d4d85f_bThe next thing said to go is the outside bar/seating area for the Bengal Barbecue will be taken out as well BUT they will be building a new indoor seating area wear the Indiana Jones Outpost use to be.

5275594789_9592f1544eTropical Imports will will be turning into a stroller parking area! Crazy i know, but have no fear Tropical Imports will be making its new home where South Seas Traders is currently at.DLR-AdventureLand-South-Sea-Traders-1.jpg

All these changes is rumored to happen before…yes you read correctly…BEFORE the new Fantasmic! show premiers later this summer. This is crazy because summer is here! But like I’ve said before in other posts, I believe 100% in Disney and Disney Magic so its going to be done and be AMAZING! Are you excited about these new changes happening to Adventureland? Or do you think they should leave it alone? Let me know in the comment below!



Big Thunder Trail is Open!

Yes the walkway by Big Thunder Ranch has opened today and there are changes!

There is once again an easier pathway to get from Frontierland to Fantasyland and of course Fantasyland to Frontierland!!

The Bug thunder train has been open to the public today Thursday June 8 for the first time after being under construction since early 2016.

We all know the trail was close in preparation for the construction of Disney’s newest expansion Star Wars Land .

As you can tell they have some new rock work and construction signs for the upcoming land in 2019.

Now with the trail opening up again you probably guessed that you can once again take a trip around rivers of America! One of my favorite things to do when my feet get tired! Soon, the updated Fantasmic! will be premiering and i am so looking forward to watching it!

Are you excited the pathway is open and did you notice any differences? Let me know in the comments below!



Disney Park Bag 2017!

The times have changed and my bag has been updated….so here is what is currently in my Disney Parks Bag!


  1. Wallet
  2. External Charger
  3. Cord
  4. Chapstick
  5. Body Spray
  6. Dog Treats
  7. Poop Bag
  8. Rubber Bands
  9. Dog Paperwork
  10. Water Bowl

As you can tell theres a lot of random and weird stuff in my bag but thats because my pups come to Disneyland with and stay in the Kennel. So ill explain…

Wallet(AP, ID and Credit Card) and Chargers because i love taking pictures so my phone tends to die pretty fast.

Chapstick and Body spray…incase my lips get chapped and i have a fear of smelling gross so i have to keep a spray on me…i know, weird but it makes me feel better.


Dog Treats, Poop bags and rubber bands…dog treats because i love giving my pups a treat whenever i see them because i can’t resist their little faces.  Poop bags are a necessity when you have pups because you never know when they are going to go. Rubber bands for me are a necessity because sometimes their hair ties break and i like to keep their hair out of their eyes.


Dog Paperwork and water bowl…another necessity when you own a dog. The Kennel requires a shot record they need: Rabies, distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Bordetella to be kenneled at Disneyland. The water bowl is for when we walk them throughout the day.


Top 5 Favorite Summer of Heroes Snacks!

I know i have been talking a lot about Summer of Heroes but I absolutely can not get enough of it! Its just so amazing and wonderful so here are my top 5 favorite snacks!

  1. I Am Shaved Ice

Its a simple treat but its also my current obsession. Its a root beer flavored shaved ice with vanilla ice cream…basically a frozen root beer float but its AMAZING!


2. Friendly Neighborhood Macaron w/ vanilla ice cream

Macarons are amazing by themselves but than add ice cream and a spider man design….well than you have heaven in your mouth!


3. Angry Little Pudding Cup

A chocolate pudding,  whipped cream, crushed oreo’s and funnel cake fries make for one delicious and sweet treat! So be sure to get one at Award Weiners.


4. Spider-bite Donut

This amazingly creepy crawly donut is adorable has a bit of a kick to it…well at least the candy thats on it has a bit of a kick and i want to say its like a hot tamale, but its so good.

Disney Summer of Heroes food

5. Jalapeno & Cheese Groot Bread

I know you are shocked its not something sweet, but i love spicy food and this has a pretty good kick to it. This sourdough bread only has the jalapeño and cheese at the top of Groot’s head so if you aren’t a fan of spice just still to the bottom of head. They also sell a plain Groot head.

What is your favorite Summer of Heroes snack to eat? Let me know in the comments below!


Summer of Heroes: Review!

This has to be the GREATEST thing to have happened to DCA since the Mad Tea Party and Aladdin A musical spectacular!


New shows, new rides, new food, new march and of course new experiences! From Mission Breakout to the most dangerous nachos in the galaxy here is what i think about the Summer of Heroes!


First off you can meet Groot! So life doesn’t get much better than that, i mean life complete! But you can also meet Star Lord, Gamora, Black Widow, Captain America and Spiderman so its pretty cool. Plus Black Widow comes out with her car which was intimidatingly  AWESOME! I mean mind blowing awesome!


Some of my favorite themed foods definitely had to be the most dangerous tacos in the galaxy, the jalapeño and cheese Groot Bread, i am shaved ice and of course the Infinity-ade lavender lemonade with a sugar rim!


Now for the summer of heroes you can get your face painted for FREE! Yes for FREE! So be sure to check that out and dont forget to take a quiz to see what superhero you are! I got Responsibility, my mom got Captain America, and my dad got the Ultimate Avenger!


GOTG: Mission Breakout is MIND BLOWING! I won’t get into too much detail but my tip is get to the park early and get a FP straight away because its the most magical ride ever! Especially if you were a fan of ToT you will DEFINITELY want to ride it again and let me tell you the earlier the FP the earlier you’ll have to get another one and ride it again!

What are you looking forward to when you visit Summer of Heroes? Let me know in the comments below!



Thank you for your service! 

For all the Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends that are and were in the service…Thank you!


Thank you for risking your life to protect us, thank you for serving long hours and years to keep us safe, thank you for leaving your family and friends behind to watch over us. Thank you for your service. Please be safe and come home to your loved ones.


Disney Haul May 2017!

I think my bank account may have shed some tears with everything i bought this trip…but its ok this is what i work for other than my dogs…and school.. So lets get started!


Groot Cup


GOTG: Mission Breakout Ap Shirt


The Beauty and the Beast Rose Cup

Black Widow Shirt


Rose Cake Pop

Popcorn buckets: GOTG, Summer of Heroes AP and The Main Street Electrical Parade AP


Steam boat Willie Candy Apple


Spiderman Candy Apple

This was such a great trip because not only did i get to see GOTG/Summer Of Heroes but i complete my list of souvenirs that i didn’t get to complete the last time i went so i was very happy. Plus how adorable is the Steamboat Willie candy apple? I couldn’t pass it by! What are some of your favorite souvenirs that you have gotten from a Disney Park? Let me know in the comments below!



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