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runDisney: Star Wars Weekend 2017


Another Star Wars Half Marathon weekend is done, which means congratulations runners another medal to add to the collection! Of course with another run down means another run coming up. The next run thats happening is Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend which will take place Feb 23-26, 2017 in Walt Disney World.

runDisney race weekend is always so magical, there is just something about the energy on that course that makes it very unique and special. I always have a great time making new friends in the corrals or cheering on fellow runner. So whats your next runDisney event? let me know in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 11/25: runDisney

One of the most magical Christmassy runDisney events is Mickeys Holiday 5k  and Kid Races during the Wine & Dine weekend in Walt Disney World.

W&D Full Lineup.PNG

The Wine & Dine weekend begins November 2-5 and the 5k and Kid Races medals are always so festive and what a way to start the holiday season by bringing home a festive Disney medal? Have you participated in Wine & Dine weekend? Let me know in the comments below.


This Week In Disney!

This week in Disney is CRAZY!!! There is so much going on. Mickeys Birthday, opening of PizzaRizzo’s, Tree Trail, runDisney Paris, Moana name change and so much more! So let dig into the Magic!!


To start us off this week is the big cheese Mickey Mouse, Happy 88th Birthday Mickey! Of course he’s been traveling non stop in his birthday month BUT the fun doest stop there, the parks will be singing happy birthday to our pal Mickey, so will you be in a park to celebrate?


Today is the OFFICIAL opening of PizzaRizzo in Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so be sure to check out his restaurant and of course be sure to check it out! Along with their regular menu you they will have an Allergy Friendly such as gluten free, vegan free and dairy free options. Oh and remember “clean it up! Your ma don’t work here!”


Tree Trail opened Nov. 11, and will stay open until Jan. 8 2017. The trees are amazing and if you are thinking about going to check them out i highly encourage you to go and check it out plus you can tell the big guy what you would like this Christmas! My favorite tree was definitely the villains tree.


Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Made its debut Nov 14 in Hollywood Studios in Florida. Its the new show that replace the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. The show stars many favorites including like Wayne and Lanny From “Prep & Landing” which projects animation onto the Chinese Theater. I personally thought the show was so cute and Disney of course did a great job with it but no matter what Osborne Family Lights will always have a place in my heart!


Under The Stars: Moana This is taking place in the Polynesian Resort Sunday Nov. 20th, I’m kind of bummed that i won’t be able to go because i think the Polynesian Resort is a perfect spot to watch this fierce princess. Are you going??


The Wonderful World Of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration hosted by the lovely siblings Derek and Julianne Hough have recently taped the thanksgiving parade and it will soon hit on ABC Nov. 24 from 8-10pm ET.


Disney Springs Smtarbright Holidays-An Intel Collaboration will be making its debut Sunday Nov. 20 at 7:00 pm and another showing at 8:30 pm. Guests will watch as 300 show drones light up the night sky while guests listen to classic holiday music which was recorded by a full orchestra. Personally i think its going to be a pretty cool show!


Over in DCA Princess Elena of Avalor has arrived along with all the festivities such as the festive foods in the marketplace kiosks, Festival Entertainment, Disney Viva Navidad, Princess Elena’s Grand Arrival and of course Santa’s Holiday Visit.


Moana name change? Its been rumored that when Disney releases Moana in Italy they will be changing the films name to Oceania.


As for runDisney Paris there are only three more days to sign up to run in Disneyland Paris so be sure to get those computers and credit cards ready because the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon weekend is a lot of fun.

There was a ton of Disney happening this week? What is your favorite??? Let me know in the comments below!


Congrats: Disneyland 10k 2016

You did it!!! You competed a magic carpet ride…or run! 

If you are doing the Dumbo Double Dare than you are half way done!! So get your ears ready to fly past the finish line for tomorrow! Keep up the good work runners! 


Let’s Talk: runDisney Paris

I am so excited Paris is one month away!

For me packing my running gear is already pretty stressful because I have to make sure I pack everything I’m going to need for the run, before, after and during. I like to break it up into lists Before Race, During Race, After Race.


Before Race:

pants, shoes, socks, undies, sports bra, hat, hair tie, arm band, iPod, watch, KT Tape, and headphones.



During Race:



After Race:

roller balls, medicine, sandals

Normally bringing all this is no problem when its a race in Disneyland and WDW i down worry too much because I’m usually the only one running and i can store things in my mom bag, BUT Paris is a whole other story!


This will be the farthest i have gone, I’m trying to make sure that EVERYTHING i need fits into my bag along with my non running clothes. So this trip since i will be participating in the 5k and 1/2 marathon i am planning on bringing two running shoes and pants for the run and everything else i normally bring, but only one roller ball, medicine and no candles. I do plan on brining other shoes and outfits, but as for running shirts I plan on wearing the ones we get from the expo.


Now since it will be my first time in Paris i have to make sure that i make room for all the running goodies and Disneyland Paris goodies that i am planning on bringing home with me. I guess my question to all my runners out there, what are some necessities do you have to have when you are attending a runDisney event? Let me know in the comments below!




runDisney Shorts Series Medals

After a long time waiting i am so happy to announce that i have FINALLY received my medals fro the runDisney Shorts Series. My mom and i did the challenge where you do the 3 5k’s and get a completer while my nana completed her first ever 5k which started her healthy lifestyle change.

So if you accepted the Shorts challenge you would receive 3 5k medals: Yellow Shoe, Red Shorts and White glove, in addition to the three 5k medals you will receive a  completer medal and a Tumblr cup!

This was a great Experience to get everyone in the family up and active. My nana has never ran before in her life so ya she walked majority of the 5k BUT she did realize she was capable of running, and she ran for the first time in her life. My mom and i love walking and we do runs all the time, but this time my pups got to tag along on the Disney course because it was in our neighborhood so it was GREAT completing a 5k with my puppies.
 Did you participate in the runDisney Shorts Series? If so what medal did you receive and let me know how your experience was in the comments below!


runDisney Updates!

runDisney has made some pretty magical changes on some upcoming  races, and here is what runners can expect in the upcoming races…



To kick things off the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend event guides from here on out will be digital, which means runners should expect the most updated information, so be sure to keep a look out for the digital event guide on your phone, computers and tablet!



For what I think is the most exciting news in runDiseny history! Runners who will be running any upcoming 5k events, you can expect to be getting an actual metal medal! Yes, you read correctly, for the upcoming domestic races which will start at the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend you can expect an actual ‘metal’ medal instead of the normal plastic medals.


Disneyland 5k medal will throw back to a classic duo: The Country Bears in celebration of the ‘Disney Duo’ themed weekend


To kick off the holiday season runners will earn everyones favorite Disney couple on the Holiday 5k


For the Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend runners will receive a Captain America 5k shield.

Personally I love the runDisney 5k, they are so much fun which is why i think i am really excited about receiving an actual ‘metal’ medal for the upcoming events, so what 5k’s are you doing?


runDisney: Avengers Update

It is the 75th anniversary of Captain America’s first apperence, and in celebration runDisney Decided to changed up the name to the 2016 Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend in celebration of The Avengers and Super Heroes joining forced! 

To kick off the even The Captain America 5k will be inspired by the vintage style of the original artwork.

To celebrate the arrival of Doctor Strange which will be in theaters a week before the run the master of mystic art is set to host the 10k run. 

As for the half marathon it will stay as the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon! The weekend is set to be filled with surprises and because of the fun willed weekend be sure to keep your eyes open because you never know who will be on the course! 

Registration for this super hero run will be April 12, 2016 at noon ET! I know I’m setting my clock because this sounds amazing!!! Will you be there? 


My runDisney Journey!

38cd1373014805ed96570f3efcc8175cI thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane! So from the very start of my running journey to the most recent, here are my completed runDisney events!400008312073

My first ever run was also the craziest run! The Dopey Challenge was definitely going to be a challenge. I didn’t prepare at all for this run nor have i ever ran this much in my life! When i got there i literally went off of adrenaline from being in Walt Disney World for the first time!

With this run i got my first set of medals…6 to be complete. A 5k (3.1), a 10k (6.2), a half marathon (13.1), and a full marathon (26.2) and two completer medals The Goofy and the Dopey! This run was all on Walt Disney World property. We ran through all 4 theme parks and there were so many awesome sights, especially running on the race car track and seeing all the vintage cars. That was my second favorite thing about this run! Obviously my first was completing all the runs and walking around the parks with these medals!10965360 DLRhalf_IdidItWOMENS f1 Once again i decided on another challenge for my second run. The Dumbo Double Dare, second run of the year and way less miles than The Dopey. Dumbo Double Dare 2014 302I was awarded 3 medals for this run. The 10k and the Half marathon medal along with the completer medal for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. I decided i would give myself a slight break and not do the 5k.c2cBecause i ran two half marathons in one year at two different Disney parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney World, i was able to get a 4th medal. The Coast to Coast medal, which is really awesome! Unknown-4The inaugural Avengers Half Marathon weekend, in this run i decided again to skip the 5k and only do the Half Marathon.Unknown-5So i only got one medal, which is the first medal that i have that spins. Shockingly i missed having one full weekend of running, BUT non the less i had a lot of fun, this run and i got to spend more time in Disneyland!1419959092353To kick off my 2015 year, it only felt right to start it off with the inaugural Rebel Challenge in Disneyland. images-9Because Do or Do Not. There Is No Try, and I love Star Wars!Unknown-6The Rebel Challenge consisted of a 10k, and a Half marathon and of course the completer medal. It was really cool too see everyone who was cheering us all on in costume. I even met Joey Fatone from Nsync, we were in the same corral and he was such an awesome guy. gschallenge1My next challenge was non other than the Glass Slipper Challenge. This challenge consisted of  a 10k and a half marathon, BUT i decided i would do 5k with my 2So i got a total of 3 medals, plus the completer medal. Frozen fun was definitely a freezing run…well Elsa was there so the whole weekend was really really cold especially at 5am in the morning. But in liked running in the cold, i feel like i have my better times when its colder out…So thank you Elsa!Unknown

The Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge a 10k and a Half Marathon to get all the pixie power completer medal.TBM5086941Because i love Peter Pan i had to make sure i did the Neverland 5k, which was completely different than the Walt Disney World 5k because they don’t have corrals for this run. There were Peters shadow throughout the run and every time you came across one you had to crow! IT WAS AWESOME!! Disney-Princess-Half-Marathon-Coast-MedalNow this run i got 5 medals. 5k, 10k, half, completer and the Pink C2C. You can only get the Pink C2C medal when you complete the princess half marathon and the Tinker Bell half! Getting this medal was pretty awesome because a lot of people at the run didn’t know about this c2c medal, so it was fun to explain it to them and know they were going to get it the next time around! Although i have completed these runs, my running days are not over. I still have a lot of runs i would like to do, and my next run is The Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. So see you at the finish line.


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