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Before Walt Disney chose Anaheim, he almost built his park on a 7 acre studio lot in burbank where the park was almost named “Walt Disney’s America.” Disneyland was built on a 160 acre orange grove, displacing  more than 12,000 orange trees. Jack and Bill Evans, the landscapers made up for it though by planting more than 40 species of flowers and 700 exotic trees that grow along the Jungle Cruise alone. The iconic Mickey-head topiary contains 10,000 flowers which are replanted 6 times a year!



The Haunted Mansion!

The Haunted Mansion opened at the Disneyland Resort on August 9, 1969 but has been in development since 1958.  The outside of the attraction was completed six years before it opened. In the ballroom you can see the Organ from the 1954 Live-Action film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


Eleanor Audley is the voice of Madame Leota, she is also the voice of Maleficent and Lady Tremaine. On the ride you can also find 999 happy haunts, but the newest one is The Hat Box Ghost which was actually there when the ride first opened. Unfortunately due to technical problems he was quickly removed from the ride and then found his way beck home for the Disneyland Resorts 60th anniversary in 2015.


Since 2001 its been Jack Skelingtons tradition to take over the attraction not just for the Halloween season but for the Christmas season as well. Buddy Baker was the master mind behind the song “Grim Grinning Ghost” he also wrote the music for the stuffed with fluff Winnie The Pooh. Someone personally purchased a tombstone inside the Haunted Mansion in 2004, they paid $37,400.


Haunted Mansion Holiday is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I cannot get enough of it and personally i think its better than the original, crazy right? Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite Haunted Mansion, the original or Holiday?


Happy Birthday Goofy! 

This lovable Goof has a birthday today so here are some fun facts to celebrate his special day!


  • Goofy was created May 25, 1932
  • He made his debut with Mickey’s Revue as Dippy Dawg
  • In 1930 he was extensively part of a comedy trio with Mickey and Donald
  • In 1939 he had very own series of shorts that became very popular in the 1940 and 1950’s
  • Two of Goofy;s shorts were nominated for an Oscar

-How to Play Football



Thank you Goofy for being who you are and bringing smiles and laughter to the world! What is your favorite thing about Goofy? Let me know in the comments below!


May the fourth…

Be with you!!! Happy Star Wars day here are some awesome times Toy Story made some Star Wars references:


Toy Story:

  • When Buzz first touches down on Andy’s bed you hear Darth Vader’s breathing.
  • Sid makes a reference when he interrogates Woody he says “Oh! A Surviver! Where is the rebel base? Talk!” than “Where are your rebel friends now?”
  • When Buzz and Woody are hiding in the truck Buzz tells Woody ” Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg has been secretly building weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet! I alone have information that reveals the weapons weakness..”
  • During the Buzz Lightyear commercial when Buzz shoots the laser you hear the Tie Fighter cannon sound.


Toy Story 2:

  • The opening scene contains a lot of sound effects from Star Wars, including Darth Vader’s breathing, X-Wing, TIE fighter and lightsaber sounds.
  • In the opening scene it shows the space shot with music very similar to the Star Wars title music after the titles. Then you can see Buzz flying by at the end just like after every Star Wars title a ship passes by.
  • When the camera comes out of a trap door in the wall, its a nod to Jabba the Hutt’s palace camera in the main entrance.
  • Zurg says “Come to me, my prey” while Darth Vader says “Come to me, my son” (The Emperor Strikes Back)
  • Buzz goes into a room that lights up when he walks in, just like the duel between Luke and Vader on Cloud City.
  • Zurg says “So we meet again Buzz Lightyear for the last time” like when Vader says “Ive been waiting for you Obi-Won. We meet again at last.”
  • Emperor Zurg is design is inspired by Darth Vader, especially the helmet.
  • Buzz 2 accuses Zurg of killing his father and Zurg responds “No Buzz I am your father’ while Buzz 2 responds “Noooooooooooo”


Toy Story 3:

  • While Buzz is under Lotso’s control, Jessie protests as Lotso says “Silence, minions of Zurg! You’re in the custody of the Galactic Alliance” a tribute to Princess Leia when she says “You are part of the Rebel Alliance  and a traitor. Take her away!”
  • When Trixie and Rex finish playing their game you can hear the typical Star Wars sounds and two droids…C-3PO and R2-D2 when they flee from the Tontine IV.
  • When Big Baby Lotso into the dumpster its referencing Darth Vader throwing Emperor Palpatine into the reactor.

I think my favorite Star Ward reference has to be in Toy Story 2 when Zurg tells Buzz 2 he’s his father…i mean in Star Wars and Toy Story its just as amazing! Do you think in Toy Story 4 they will make another Star Wars reference? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy 50th Anniversary Pirates of the Caribbean!

March 18, 1967…50 years ago today Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland was born. The last ride Walt Disney personally looked overbore his death in December of 1966 and it was almost a walk through wax museum, but in 1964 since Its A Small World and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln the wax museum was forgotten about, and instead making it a boat ride. Unfortunately Walt passed before it was completed.

There are over 120 audio animatronics on POTC ride, which is a mixture between human and animal.

The film characters added to the ride were all voiced by their original characters. Some of the rides original audio-animatronics are voiced by Paul Free who is also known as the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion.

Imagineers thought that fake skeletons were unconvincing so they bought real skeleton from UCLA medical center and used those instead, unfortunately all but one have been removed.

The original voice of the skull on the wall was X Atencids.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tide

May 20, 2011 the latest of the POTC series came out.

Penelope Cruz was pregnant throughout production but it wasn’t noticeable until September  2010. As Penelope’s baby bump grew it caused difficulties in wardrobe, so the procedures enlisted the help of younger sister Monica Cruz. They filmed Penelope in the up close shots and Monica in the distant scenes.

Johnny Depp bought new water proof jackets for 500 crew members on set to protect them from the weather. He spent a total of $64,200 of his own money.

This was the only POTC movie not to have an Oscar nomination.

As Jack enters the Santiago, the camera flashes to a skeletal Ponce de Leon laying on a bed surrounded by treasure. This refers to the POTC ride in Disneyland where guests see a skeletal pirate captain laying in bed surrounded by treasure.

This installment has the shortest run-time of the “pirates” series which is 136 minutes.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

At Worlds End came out May 25, 2007, this is the third movie of the POTC series.

The scene in which Jack the money is shivering was accomplished by special effects and animal training departments. The effect guys made a small vibrating plate to sit on top of the wooden barrel. The animal trainers taught the monkey to sit with her arms crossed on the plate.

When the screen goes black as the crew falls over Worlds End, the ghostly music and voices heard are directly from the Disneyland ride. Most noticeable is Paul Frees voice of the skull and crossbones that infamously warns the passengers “Dead men tell no tale”

The scenes in Davy Jones’ locker were shot in Utah, and a monochromatic style was used to represent its antithesis from the usual colorful environment of a pirate.

The climatic sea battle was shot in an air hanger at Palmdale, California where the cast had to wear wetsuits underneath their costumes on the angle-tipped ships. The water drenched set was kept in freezing temperatures to prevent bacterial infection.

The cast and crew filmed off of the coast of souther Ca around the last week of August 2006. The black pearl could be seen calling to and from port from eh Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo.

Calypso is cited by Davy Jones in this film to be a heathen got, which brings the saga full circle as in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Captain Barbossa mentioned heathen gods.

Tia Dalma says “poor unfortunate souls”; Ursula the sea witch sang the same thing in another Disney film, The Little Mermaid (1989). The Flotsam and Jetsam at Shipwreck City may also be an in-joke to Ursula’s minions.

The crew shot at Niagara falls for the World’s End waterfall scene.




Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Since i am unable to make it to Disneyland for the POTC celebration, i thought it would be fun to celebrate it in my own way by watching all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies and of course making some pirates themed snacks.

So to start off the celebration Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The movie was released June 28, 2003..Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geffrey Rush, Kiera Knightly and many more amazing actors and actresses to bring the movie to life.

In order to conceal Johnny Depp’s many tattoos, clothes and smears of charcoals were used to. In the movie the “Jack Sparrow” tattoo  was fake but Johnny got a real replica tattoo after finishing the film in honor of his son Jack.

The tattoo Orlando Bloom got on his right wrist during the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001) is covered throughout most of the film. It is visible during the Sword Fight in the blacksmith shop when Will raises his sword to parry after Jacks line “you’re not a eunuch, are you?”and again when below the decks on the Interceptor where Elizabeth reveals that she took the medallion and Will realizes it was his blood the pirates need to lift the curse-you can see it just as he reaches to touch the medallion on her chest.

The world premier of the movie was located at Disneyland Resort in California, home to the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction on June 28, 20013. This was the first ever movie to premier at Disneyland.

The ship that was used as the HMS Interceptor is an actual ship, the “Lady Washington” and is the official tail ship ambassador of the state of Washington. She can also be seen in Star Trek: Generations (1994) and was used as a reference for the RLS legacy in Treasure Planet (2002). It can also be seen in the show “Once Upon A Time” as Captain Hooks ship “The Jolly Roger”

The final cannon shot during the Black Pearls siege of the town, billows into a Mickey Mouse head shape against the night sky.

The film was such a success that Disney closed their POTC attraction at Disneyland and WDW to update them. The new storyline of the attraction is  Captain Barbossa chasing Jack Sparrow, both were added to the ride in the form of animatronic.

Disneyland opened the updated attraction June 26, 20016 just two days after the world premier of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest, while WDW opened its new attraction on July 7, 2006

Just like in 2006, Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean is under renovation so I’m thinking it got a bit of a spit shine and maybe some added features special for the 50th anniversary and possibly for the newest movie coming out? But we will see soon enough. I just want to get my hands on the gold churros and beignets!



Peter Pan!


Peter Pan flew into our hearts Feb. 5 1953, 64 years years  ago. It was based on the 1904 play by Sir J.M. Barrie.

As young boys Walt and Roy Disney saw a touring version of the plain in 1913 in their hometown of Marceline, Missouri…where later Walt played the starring role of Peter Pan in a school play.

Peter Pan is one of the few films that included the work by all “Nine old men” the original Disney animator. Actor Hand Corned not only provided the voice of Captain Hook as well as Mr. darling, he also acted in reference footage that was filmed to guide the animators.

Happy Anniversary to the boy who doest grow up. I know the will be brining many happy thoughts to many more generations.


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