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Protect Your Pups!


Its solar eclipse day and if you are planning to go outside to catch a glimpse, be sure to protect your eyes as well as your furry friend.


Since dogs don’t typically look at the sun by keeping them inside away from the eclipse as well as shutting the blinds will keep them safe. If you are planning on watching the eclipse with your furry friend be sure you both are wearing protective glasses


Leashes: Retractable vs. Classic

This is another controversial subjects in the dog world, i feel like its up there with Harness vs. Collars. Before i get into why i think Classic Leashes are better let me just say…please keep your comments positive and light hearted because everyone is allowed their own opinion, so if you are going to reply make sure you don’t put anyone down.


Retractable leashes i believe is a bad idea for pups who have not been trained yet especially with some type of etiquette. I feel like retractable leashes train your pups to pull because they learn that if they pull they it extends the lead. Where as a classic leash they can still pull but can’t go nearly as far and its easier to keep them close to you and out of harms way and keep them from getting into trouble. Whether you have an aggressive pup or someone else has an aggressive pup, its easier to control your situation with a classic leash because the leash can’t expand and you can keep you pup close to you our of harms way.


An experience that i had with retractable leashes that made me dislike them even more is one of the times my pups and I were out for a walk in the apartments near our house i saw a lady bent over looking through her purse, her pup was on a retractable leash and she wasn’t paying attention what so ever. As we go closer i made sure to move over about to the other side of where her dogs were. Unfortunately her dog followed us and before passing her dog ran up to mine while barking and got tangled up in leashes. We continued to walk and after a good 2 minutes she looked up to see where her dog was and well she had the nerve to yell at me for her dog running up to me and my dogs barking.


Personally, i think if she had a classic leash and would have stepped on that she would have felt her dog pulling towards us and that whole situation would have been avoided. My issue is majority of the dog owners i run into with retractable leashes have no control over their pups and let them run up to other people and dogs. Where as people who use classic leashes have a little bit more control.


Again this is my preference and opinions on this topic, but i would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic as well so be sure to leave me a comment down below!




4th Of July Puppy Tips! 

4th of July can be a very stressful day for our furry friends…so here are 8 tips to keep those paws safe and out of harms way!


  1. Make sure your pups ID tag is up to date and on the collar at all times.
  2. Be prepared by taking a picture of your pooch that day just in case.
  3. EXERCISE.EXERCISE.EXERCISE. If you exercise your pup before the party, this will help your little one stay calm when all your guests start coming over and help them relax when the fireworks start going off.
  4. Ask your part guests to play with your pup away from any open flames. Safety first!
  5. Keep the fireworks out of those pups reach, keep them up high or lock them in a room so they can’t get to them.
  6. Have a bowl of treats ready for guests to give your pups so they don’t feed them people food.
  7. Give your pup a treat that’ll take them a while to eat and distract them as the fireworks go off.
  8. Lavender is a soothing smell so drop a few drops of Lavender oil on your pups collar and bed to help them relax.


Happy 4th of July to you and your pups, we hope you have a fun and safe day!


Puppy Pack 2017! 

No matter where the pups and i go, i always have my puppy pack! This is a backpack where i keep all the pups essentials, which include:


  • Water
  • Water Bowl
  • Treats
  • Blankets
  • Wet Wipes
  • Poop Bags
  • Tags

This weekends the pups and i visited the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, its a dog friendly outdoors mall and its my favorite for many reasons but to name a few it has perfect weather, dog friendly and so many places to walk.

Water, Water Bowl, Treats and Poop Bags are a necessity for obvious reasons..Staying hydrated, positive reinforcement so when they do something good i give them a treat. Poop bags because when nature calls im prepared to pick it up.

All the restaurants are dog friendly which makes finding a place to eat so much easier, so when we find a spot to eat i place the blanket down and the pups now to lay down and hang out on the blanket until I’m done eating. Their tags stay in the bag because they are to heavy for the pups to carry.

Do you have a puppy pack when you go out? Let me know what you carry in yours when you and your pups go out.



Disney Park Bag 2017!

The times have changed and my bag has been updated….so here is what is currently in my Disney Parks Bag!


  1. Wallet
  2. External Charger
  3. Cord
  4. Chapstick
  5. Body Spray
  6. Dog Treats
  7. Poop Bag
  8. Rubber Bands
  9. Dog Paperwork
  10. Water Bowl

As you can tell theres a lot of random and weird stuff in my bag but thats because my pups come to Disneyland with and stay in the Kennel. So ill explain…

Wallet(AP, ID and Credit Card) and Chargers because i love taking pictures so my phone tends to die pretty fast.

Chapstick and Body spray…incase my lips get chapped and i have a fear of smelling gross so i have to keep a spray on me…i know, weird but it makes me feel better.


Dog Treats, Poop bags and rubber bands…dog treats because i love giving my pups a treat whenever i see them because i can’t resist their little faces.  Poop bags are a necessity when you have pups because you never know when they are going to go. Rubber bands for me are a necessity because sometimes their hair ties break and i like to keep their hair out of their eyes.


Dog Paperwork and water bowl…another necessity when you own a dog. The Kennel requires a shot record they need: Rabies, distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Bordetella to be kenneled at Disneyland. The water bowl is for when we walk them throughout the day.


Nutrish-Rachael Ray

If you ready my May Favorites 2017 post you know that my pups absolutely LOVE the Rachael Ray Nutrish Pawsta treats, and honestly i dont blame them!


When i first looked at the bag, i thought the packaging was super simple and cute. Than of course because my pup is allergic too certain foods i checked the ingredients and was impressed that i knew what everything was on the back.


The first thing i noticed was when i opened the bag it smelt just like a bag of beef jerky, which was weird and so i had my dad taste it and he said it tasted like beef jerky and the after taste was dog food.

The pups definitely wanted more which is great because they are pretty picky and then being allergic narrows down the treats they can have, but i definitely recommend these treats! Do your pups like them? Let me know in the comments below!



May Favorites 2017!

Its the end of the month, which means its time to talk to about this months favorites.




This month was my first time using and i am in heaven. Not only do they have the only dog food my pups are not allergic to, but they deliver to my house automatically which makes life so easy!

Nutrish: Pawsta

Rachael Ray has a line of Dog food and i dont think i have ever seen my pups so excited to get a treat in their life. Thankfully, they are not allergic to a lot of Rachael Rays treats so i am excited to buy more.



Some of the things i have recently favorited and LOVED this month!

  • Groot Sipper
  • GOTG: Mission Breakout AP Shirt
  • Beauty and the Beast Rose Cup
  • I Am Shaved Ice
  • The most dangerous tacos in the galaxy
  • GOTG: Mission Breakout
  • Black Widow and Groot meet and greet

What are some of your favorites this month? Let me know in the comments below!


Puppy Training With Belle!

I can now officially say that Belles limping has officially stopped, and i couldn’t be more excited and happy for her well mainly relieved. Unfortunately because she had the cast on for about 2 months she has lost her stamina and muscle in that leg. But thats ok because we are doing some puppy training to help build her stamina and muscle. SO, here is our PT with Belle!


We have been doing Hot Doga, Puppy massages and some puppy workouts. This is our schedule:

5:45am-5:55am: Puppy Massage

She gets a full body massage every morning but my main focus is massaging her right paw and making sure we rub out any pain or discomfort she might have.

12:30-12:35: Walking Intervals

Since she can’t walk a whole lot these days, i have been making sure to do intervals with her so she dissent over due it and possibly re-hurt her paw. So we started out with 30 seconds and a minute rest and made it to a minute walking and a minute rest and now she can walk for 4 minutes with a 2 minute break.

5pm-5:15pm: Hot Doga

This takes place in my room while the heater is on full blast and we do some doga poses just to help stretch out and keep that little pup relaxed because she is definitely frustrated with not going on long walks. Plus yoga/doga is good for everyone!


Have you had to deal with a puppy recovering from an injury? What type of exercises did you do? Let me know in the comments below!


It’s finally off!!

Today is the day Belle has finally got her cast off!! After two LONG months of a cast and no baths..her cast is off and she went straight into the bath!


She is still limping a bit but That’s to be expected. She is doing great and I’m so excited that she doesn’t have a cast off. Although she still can’t go for long walks and runs we get to build up her muscle again just slowly and she was so ready to have it off and she can now sleep comfortably and her brother doesn’t get knocked with that big cast anymore.


Thank you to everyone who kept Belle in their prayers we both really appreciate it.


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