My name is Desiree, but my friends and family call me Dezi.

From the beginning my obsession and love with Disney and dogs have grown immensely . For about 5 year now i have been an annual pass holder with Disneyland/World. i love finding out new facts, visiting the parks and of course running Disney events. My goal one day is to visit every Disney Resort in the world!

Ive grown up with dogs my whole life and finally got three of my own, Bambi(RIP) and my two littles Tarzan and Belle which I’m sure you can guess where they got there names from…They travel with me everywhere…even to Disneyland. We live in the city so i call them my little City Pups, on our down time we walk, hike and of course go for a run in rain or shine!

For me when someone says you should live your life, it means doing something that makes you happy. So when i say Disney+Dogs=Life i mean it, they make me happy and since its my life i try and do the things i love. Which is why i started this blog…DeziThinks.

So lets talk Disney, Dogs and Life!