I have recently talked about getting a camera set up in my room to spy on my pups. The first camera i got was terrible and never worked, BUT i spend a little extra money to get the Petcube and it was 100% completely worth it!


I have only had it a 24 hours and its already blowing my mind. It never kicks me off and the quality is amazing! I can take pictures, record, talk to the pups or listen in on whats going on in the house.


The coolest thing i think is definitely the  notifications, whenever there is motion or a sound it lets me know and i love it. Its very helpful and keeps me updated on whats going on in the house while I’m away.

They have another feature called ‘sharing’ where you can share with the family, friends and public. I have mine set to public but i turned off all the features because my pups literally lay there and do nothing and thats what i want them to do until i get home.


Honestly, i LOVE this product and i definitely would love to buy another one because they work very well and really cute, they dont look like a camera either unless you look very closely than you can see the camera and the laser. I suggest if you are looking for a pet cam to definitely get this one. The set up was easy and fast it was definitely under a 5 minutes. Do you have a pet cube? Let me know in the comments!